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Open fire menu


We love cooking outside and in front of your guests, not only is it great eating, there is a certain theatre to it which makes it so much more of an experience. This allows you to venture away from the conventional set up of a BBQ and really explore the variety of what outdoor cooking has to offer.

This can bar served either to your tables on sharing platters or meat and fish collected from the fire, with salads shared on the tables. 


All our meat is supplied from our local butchers, fish from our local fish mongers and, fruit and veg from Kentish farms where possible. 


Choose 4, from either meat, fish and vegetables, along with 3 salads 

Focaccia down the table for mopping!



Roasted chicken thighs- smothered in our own BBQ sauce 

Whole rump of beef served medium

Smoked paprika and cumin lamb 

Beef brisket

Pork loin, lemon and sage 

In house smoked sausages

Smoked pork belly 


Miso glazed Salmon


Shellfish rice, Alioli

Tandoori monkfish

Hot smoked salmon 


Broccoli, anchovies, chilli 

Coal roasted sweet potatoes

Corn on the cobs, chipotle butter

courgettes, herb pesto

Seasonal charred veg, Gremolata 



Salsa verde plancha potatoes 

Coal roasted beetroot, whipped goats curd, walnuts, balsamic 

 Heritage carrot, fresh cheese, jalapeno and coriander

Red cabbage slaw 

Local leaves, radishes, tomatoes and seeds 


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